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    We Offer Commercial & Residential Solar Solution

    Best Solar Company For on Grid & Off Grid Solar System

    Founded in Melbourne, Victoria Solution Solar is a leading company for solar panels, solar inverters, solar battery systems, and off-grid systems.

    We source only the best components, and all our engineers are CEC checked and trained to the highest standards in their discipline, ensuring you are getting the best quality solar available.

    No matter where you are in the Australia, our in-house design team will help you plan and design the best financial and technical solution for you. We offer residential and commercial packages suited for all. We support you through the entire process including home assessments, solar system upgrades, quick & easy installation, workmanship warranty, and technical support.

    Safe Energy For World

    Residential Solar Solutions

    Get Energy From Forest

    Residential Solar Panels

    Solar energy is set to trigger a change of dynamics when it comes to energy utilization/consumption.

    Commercial Solar Panels

    If you are in the market and searching for a commercial solar system, our experts are on standby to help you with finding your solar power solution.

    Why Do Most Australians Choose Solution Solar?

    Solution Solar offer hassle free installation, $0 upfront payment options, 0% interest free loan options, and a variety of packages to choose from. But don’t just take it from us, see why Australians continue to choose Solution Solar:

    “Excellent service, excellent crew, very professional, got the job done as scheduled, and their prices were just right, got the right advice and they were nice by offering what we needed and not pushing what they wanted to sell. Customer service from beginning to end was brilliant. Knowledge of products made it easy to make a final decision with purchase. Installation was seamless, they were professional and completed everything to perfection. Highly recommended a great business to deal with and a great customer experience.”

      Eileen McKinley

      “A very professional and polite company to deal with. The installation team were great!!!!”

        Russel Elward

        “Good professional representatives, who helped in every from getting rebate to end of installation. I genuinely appreciate and recommend others!!!”

          Lindsay Cail

          “I got my solar panels with Solution Solar, their representative Aryan helped me from starting the paperwork and getting rebate from solar Victoria to ending with grid connection The process was smooth and quick Thanks to Solution Solar & team”

            Douglas Castles

            “It was a good experience with you guys. You guys are so humble and careful for every step. From signing the contract to installation and inspection it was all the work done properly. Cheers”

              Raymond Plummer

              “Solution solar offers unbelievably low prices on Tier 1 solar systems compared to many other solar companies. Krunal Soni was easy to deal with as well as highly qualified and knowledgeable to answer any question with regard to solar. Best thing about Solution Solar is that there is no deposit, lowest upfront cost and nothing to pay until the installation.”


                Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

                You Save Money

                You can save thousands of dollars by using solar power! Australia has an abundance of sunlight. So once the system is set up, the savings start immediately. Your energy bills reduce drastically, and what’s even better is that whatever electricity you don’t use goes back into the electrical grid system, and you get paid for it!

                You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

                By using solar power, you play your part in saving the environment. It’s one of the cleanest sources of energy. Even having just a 6.6kw solar system allows you to reduce 10.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year! Solar panels don’t release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Switching to this eco-friendly alternative stops energy dependence on fossil fuels

                You Use Less Water

                Australians live on the driest continent on the planet, so water is one of our most precious natural resources. We run the risk of running out of fresh water if we don’t try and conserve it. Traditional production of electricity uses thousands of litres of water every year. Solar energy however, requires no water to generate electricity. This allows us to conserve this precious resource.

                Your Property Value Increases

                Homebuyers are now on the lookout for homes with solar energy. Minimal maintenance and long-term returns make them an attractive investment. New buyers are also drawn to homes with solar panels already as they don’t have to worry about the initial investment or installation. Most Australians agree that solar panels add value to property and you could add an estimated $29,000 to the value of your home!

                Commercial Solar

                Increase your business’s profits by saving on electricity bills with solar! Cut your energy bills and bring your business another step closer to being as eco friendly as possible.

                20kw - Small Business

                30kw - Small/Medium Business

                50kw - Commercial / Industrial

                100kw - Big Commercial

                Residential Solar

                Save money and protect the environment by installing solar panels on your home.





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