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    Residential Solar

    Energy Efficient And Cost Effective Solar System

    Australia receives the highest solar radiation per square meter compared to other continents, offering residential solar system a huge market. For remote Australian communities, residential solar panel has been in use for years. This system has proven most effective for Australians and continues as a thriving idea.

    How does solar energy work?

    Solar energy is energy provided by the sun in the form of radiation. The sun emits this radiation and makes it possible for us to harness it and transform it into solar electricity. To do this certain materials are required to adsorb and convert that energy. The materials used to construct these panels have an effect known as the “photovoltaic effect.” Photovoltaic cells convert light energy into electricity.

    Solar energy produces little to no emissions as it functions. Just one megawatt hour of solar electricity counteracts about 1 tonne of CO2. Even better, as solar panels are made from silicon, they pose no danger or risk of toxins and fumes leaking, making them safe and reliable. The sun is a free resource of energy, and is sustainable and inexhaustible.

    We Are Building A Sustainable Future

    Solution Solar is the place for all your solar needs.
    Our installation process is broken down into 4 steps.

    Before set up, we identify a suitable sport for installing the system

    Electricians mount the panels to the rooftop and wire them to the inverter

    The Bi-Directional process is completed

    It’s completed and you can turn on your power system!

    Residential Solar Panels

    Solar energy is set to trigger a change of dynamics when it comes to energy utilization/consumption.

    Commercial Solar Panels

    If you are in the market and searching for a commercial solar system, our experts are on standby to help you with finding your solar power solution.

    Hassle free installation

    Our team is highly qualified and experienced at installing solar systems. Installation will be completed quickly and effectively, ensuring you have your solar up and running as soon as possible.

    $0 upfront payment

    You don’t pay a cent until installation has begun so you can ensure you will get what you pay for.

    0% interest loans

    We’ve partnered with Brighte Finance to help you both get your solar system sooner and pay it off sooner!

    10 year workmanship warranty

    We’re so confident in our work that we’ve guaranteed the workmanship for 10 years!

    High quality solar

    We use the highest quality parts to create your solar system to keep it running for many years to come.

    On or Off Grid

    Choose to connect your solar energy to the utility grid for electricity back up. Or become independent and opt for off grid, with generator and battery back ups.

    Residential Solar

    Save money and protect the environment by installing solar panels on your home.





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    Solar energy is a smart choice that reduces your energy bills and benefits the environment by investing in a cleaner future. For more information or to begin setting up your home’s solar energy system contact us here or give our team a call on 1300 096 980.

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