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Commercial Solar System

Australian businesses face crises because of increasing electricity prices. Perhaps, you are searching for an option to a lower energy bill in Melbourne region. Well, solar energy is the choice for your business solution if you want to cut your energy costs. After having commercial solar panels installed, you can look forward to using less power for your enterprise - meaning you'll break even with your purchase and install monetary value.

With that said, we'll provide you with honest information about commercial solar panels to suit your interest. By producing energy from the sunlight, a commercial solar system will bring your business many gains in the following ways:

  • These systems will save electricity, add money to your budget, which will allow you more product improvement, and you will decrease your overhead costs.
  • And, from any extra energy produced, your system will make a backup battery to provide your company with power during nighttime and even during a cloudy day.
  • Again, your solar system will pay for itself in a few short periods. Your power placement will create free savings and energy immediately following your cost recovery.
  • A commercial solar panel installation will provide shading to your roof and add related cooling effects. More, by having a solar panel installed, you can qualify for a government rebate.
  • Another wealthy benefit and advantage are you get to advertise your company as a green-energy efficient business while attracting extra customers. And, you will impact the environment, less.
What's more, we will help you through the installation

Other necessities:
  • After completing our installation, we test all of our systems to make sure they work the way they should and ensure all government standards are followed.
  • Experienced and credited electricians carry out the solar panel installations. This is a premium installing service, which is fast, properly scheduled and low-priced.
  • Our commercial solar panels can be installed in a custom fashion if necessary.
  • By helping you choose the best commercial solar system, we perform a detailed analysis of your architecture.
  • We provide system maintenance, improvement, and follow-up when needed.

As one of Australia's leaders in supplying commercial solar systems, we put much emphasis on the commercial benefits of your educated decision. We've got you covered whether you plan to invest in a factory solar panel or just looking for an energy-saving solution.

If you are in the market and searching for a commercial solar system, our experts are on standby to help you with finding your solar power solution.

For more information, contact one of our senior commercial-sales experts and arrange a meeting: Contact Us

Solution Solar provides solar panels and inverters to residential and commercial property in Melbourne Suburbs and all around Victoria. We provide hassle free solar system installation, including $0 up-front payment, less interest charges.

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